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Taser is moving this morning on news that a Department of Defense study by the Human Effects Center of Excellence concluded that TASER technology is generally effective without significant risk of unintended results, but obstacles remain. For one there are rumors of large lawsuits on the horizon as a result from deaths during Taser incidents. In addition, the company can expect competition over the next few years as competitors race to produce safer, more effective products in order to capture a piece of this growing field. Finally, the company will report earnings Tuesday which could create significant volatility for the stock. Despite the risks, signifant profit potential remains in the stock. Let’s take a look again at the chart. (See past posts regarding Taser for a more detailed look at the chart)

You can see in the chart above that selling volume is once again drying up and Taser may be on the verge of a big shift to buyers. Look for a break above short term resistance at 40 with large volume as the signal for a potentially large move up, while a break below short term resistance at around 36 as a signal that the stock will need to spend more time basing. All eyes will be on the upcoming earnings report, which could be a catalyst for movement in either direction (see the post on why it’s a good idea to avoid holding a high risk stock through an earnings report).

As always, please do your own research before making any buy or sell decisions.

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  1. Tasr’s. It seems to me that the latest press releases from Tasr do not speak of its stand a lone safty, but rather use the arguement that less lives and lawsuits occur because of is usage, ie. (if it wasn’t used they would be more deaths or injury caused by batons, guns, etc. used to subdue citizens in police situations.

    While I am no scientist, it would appear that some 80 people or so have been reported to have died within a day or less after being stunned with a Tasr. If, true, this is pecuiler and I wonder when these allegations will be or if they will be substantiated. I get the impression law enforcement like the weapon so much which is understandable, that they may be resistance to studying it further.

    One thing I have wondered, that in researching the effects of lighting on people, they are current theories that lighting kills a person only when your heart is a very percise part of its beat cycle, and should this be the case when a certain electrical current stikes you, it can stop your heart. Something to do with interuptting the the electrical charge that operates our hearts when its going from postive to negative, and the lighting studies suggest that as this precise time, we are vulnerable to electrical shock, or our hearts are anyway.

    While the tasr concept is ‘cool’, I suspect it will be regulated, this will probaly occur before or when some high school student zaps a teacher or some such events begin occuring outside of law enforcement.

    Tasr,check out the lighting thing?

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