Here are a few nice words from satisfied members.  It’s emails like this that make the long hours of research and headaches of maintaining a complex site all worth while!  Are you a satisfied SelfInvestors member?  Have a success story?  You can let me know from the contact form!


Just wanted to let you know that your videos are great learning tools .. I value that you actually pay attention to member requests unlike a lot of other services.
Kamal B., 9.21.099

My portfolio wasn’t doing much earlier this year, but has been doing a lot better in recent weeks due to trades like CHLN … last year i signed up on Cake Financial hoping I’d get some ideas but I rarely go there … last night I was on it and saw that I had moved up to No. 5 on the list of day traders, and it was on the strength on trades of like CHLN…so thanks
Steve S., 6.10.09

This is by far the best forum on trading I have seen and I’ve looked at a lot of them. What you offer is a practical and realistic aproach to one of most mentally taxing activities I have ever undertaken. Thanks for keeping it straight.
Jeff S., 6.6.09

Let me tell you how much I appreciate your realistic accounts of the market. I live on Spetses, a small island in Greece and do not trade the U.S. market closely, otherwise I would definitely have upgraded to ‘premium’. But I do buy small positions now and then, and pay very close attention to what you are saying.
Petros H., 5.20.09

I have been reading your emails for quite a while now and I’ve also been watching the market tank over the past few months. I have not been one of those who is panic-stricken because I have been listening to the voice of reason (uh, that would be
you).  I have hope, and a dream, and it’s all because of you. Thank you.

Pat R., 3.15.09

Your service is great.  I’ve learned more in a couple months than years of reading net stuff and newsletters.
Bob H., 1.5.2009

Good call on DGP.  Thanks for your posts.. my students enjoy reading them.  Keep up the great work!
David E., 12.17.2008

I’m really glad I signed on for the Gold membership … I’m learning a lot and I so appreciate your knowledge and candor.  I know it’s tougher than it’s ever been!
Trish L, 10.9.08

I have been following several publications and web pages before and through the current market turmoil.   I think that when it comes to the stock market you have been the most balanced and sound  adviser.
Guillermo, 10.7.08

I wanted to tell you I find your assessment and commentary very informative and clear thinking. You should have the blow fish Crammer’s job lolll. Keep up the good work you get it.
Mike, 9.17.08

Tate, Great trading, I appreciate your emails.
Jack S, 9.17.08

If there is one thing that you & people like you should be commended on it is dispelling the myth that Wall St/City professionals are on our side and giving us impartial advice.
Philip H., 9.17.08

Thanks to you I am mostly in cash.  But I made $ today – a lot – due to your tip months ago of DUG.  Also in DTO.  You are doing good work.
Stantt, 9.15.08

First of all, I truly enjoy the subscription that you provide and your honest approach to this world of trading.  I also appreciate the long hours and the hard work that you put in so I don’t have to sort through all of that mumbo jumbo (there seems to be a lot of that) and you get to the info that I need to make the trade, etc.  I realized this when you were on vacation and I wanted that video or market update, but I definitely understand vacations are needed.  (I don’t mean to make you feel guilty.)  🙂
Chad K, 9.15.08

I love your service, by the way.  I just signed up for the Gold membership and would like to know what I need to do to get your real time notes.
I’m only getting them at the end of the day.  That DUG trade was great and I will dump it tomorrow, but I didn’t know until now that you got out today.
Alex, 7.17.08

I just wanted to tell you that I have been receiving your report for a about a month now and of all the reports I read every day yours gives me the most useful market information and investment ideas and yet is always the briefest!  Am considering upgrading my subscription!  I am not interested in following the market hour by hour.  I am looking for something with a little longer time frame.   Followed your advise and stepped to the side for the most part.  I have avoided losses largely due to your report.  Just got out of SRS.  Still in DUG.  Missed DGP (this trip).
Dawna K, 7.15.2008

Thank you for asking how we are doing.  For me, I must have missed the early warning on the downturn you predicted in May (started a new job with travel right after I set my portfolio for what i thought would be “longer-term holds”) – did get your message but too late.  So Yikes!  I am nervous.  Sold most of my stocks but am “bag-holding” also.  Did not sell some of my rented stocks(options) which expire in September and January.  Now living in desperate hope for DRYS, SID, BBD, V and GLNG.  Based on your call though I am almost 50% cash.  The sooner we bottom, the better.  Over the past year your recommendations have turned out to be the best and most timely of the advisors.  Thank you and good luck to us all.
Elizabeth P., 6.26.08

I read your blog today and want to congratulate you on your courage for putting yourself out there and making yourself vulnerable. Not many bloggers would be willing to be so forthright. I think your actions will have positive effects on those of us who rely on your ideas and guidance. I suppose some people will gloat, but you have shown us that being honest about losses is part of what we are all trying to do. I hope I can speak for many others in that you have given us hope and confidence in what we are doing. Your humanity has touched me and given me more confidence that someone who can pound out an annual 30% gain can also have some bad times without emotionally giving in or losing heart in this ever-challenging process of trading.

Thanks for your many contributions. This one ranks right up near the top.
Terry, 1.24.08

SelfInvestors is one of a kind, and perfect for me so far. I am still on the learning curve, and I greatly appreciate the lucid manner in which the technical analysis is communicated at the blog, webcast as well as e-mail alerts,  no financialistas!
Joseph A,11.29.07

You better clone yourself. I am sure your personalised approach is loved and admired by many. So we need more of your kind in this industry.
Arthur, 10.18.2007

I have done better since I cancelled the IBD and just focused on your website.  I was getting info overload before.  Now it’s just you and me.
Mike S., 10.11.2007

Any other subscriptions prior to has been standard automated reply with automated password and all.. What I like about this situation (with you and your site) is that this is first time I have gotten a first hand email with personalized greetings and follow thru which makes me feel great about the fact that there is a live person behind the scene and some who is genuine about what he/she is doing. I am quite certain that I will be subscribing to one of your paid services and at that time, when I purchase Options and look to start writing covered calls, I might look for some decent advice/guidance. Just like many, I do a good job of picking right stock at relatively good price but when to sell has always been a challenge!
Kaushik P., 6.7.2007

I am a full-time trader and would be interested in your new service.  Of all the services I subscribe to, Self Investors is one of the best because of your hard work to keep in touch with stock trading ideas.
Liz P., 3.26.2007

Thanks for the membership to your website.  I was surfing the web and found your site. There are literally 1000’s of site but yours stood out. I am hoping to look over your shoulder so to speak. Thanks again for the opportunity!
Jim,  2.12.2007

I want to compliment you on your investing information service.  It is the best I have found and am delighted with your efforts.   Thank you.
Jeffrey B., 2.3.2007

I have always liked what you were doing with the site.  That is why I joined in the first place.  You have blended some nice features together integrating technical analysis and fundamental considerations.  I think most people who have studied the markets and have done any trading could easily appreciate what you have put together. ”
Ray, 12.21.2006

“I must say I have been very impressed with your customer service.  Your quick response to my mail has been outstanding.  Working with your site along with your personal help has made me begin to feel at home.  You seem to be very talented and knowledgeable in your industry.  I look forward to your new site also.  Thanks for your help in the past and I’m sure I will have more questions and need for guidance in the future.”
Randy S., 10.4.2006

“There you go again, Tate, making your site even better. We are lucky members– I know of no other site which goes through so much evolution in so short a time. Thanks for your great work. The tutorial was very helpful and a valuable refresher. ”
Terry S., 9.25.2006

“What a welcome surprise. I did not expect such personalized service.  You really are dedicated to your readers.  I have not heard so much sincerity from many other traders and certainly not those who provide the services you do.  I will sign up for the site as soon as I finish this email.  You are amazing.”
Anu G., 8.30.2006

“You know when I read your site I could relate so much to what you wrote about going to countless sites and having subscriptions to a multitude.  It is refreshing to have found yours and to have someone on the other end who you can actually relate to. Thanks. I really look forward to using your site regularly and reading the emails you send out.  Thanks for taking the time to set this up. I hope to learn a lot from your insights.”
Anu G., 8.22.2006

“Tate, please cancel my membership.  My National Guard unit has been activated and I will be out of the country for a year.  I’ve really enjoyed the service and will resubscribe when I get back.”
Travis B., 7.27.2006

“Tate, I am truly touched by your generosity, no kidding. I appreciate your thoughtfulness and frankly don’t know what to say. I hope you feel OK with your choice. I would not want you to feel taken advantage of.   It may take me some time to recover to the point where I can work and earn a living. I don’t want you to make the kind of choice you have without me being totally forthcoming about it.   If you, after reading this are OK with your choice, then I do promise to advise you when I am working again and able to pay you. If you feel the need to pull the plug, so to speak, on the service at any point I understand.   I do enjoy the service and what you have done with it. Thanks for allowing me to continue to be a part of it.”
Ray W., 6.22.2006

“I am currently an economics and law major at the university of the West Indies. The financial markets in the Caribbean are not as well developed as those in the US so there are very limited resources that would allow me to get hands on experience before launching in fully.  I signed up for the free membership and not premium as I am still not 100% convinced that I am ready for the challenge of being an individual investor. Your site is very impressive and it has been the only site that has given me the impression that (you) the founder is genuinely looking out for the best interests of the investor.”
Elingford R., 4.16.2006

“WOW! I am impressed. This is a wealth of information. I’ve always thought ETFs were a great idea but because of my ignorance I figured it was a good way to lose money. Your site is so impressive and thorough it is going to take awhile to find and use all the goodies. I can understand why you never thought it would  be finished.”
Terry S., 3.2.2006

“Thank you for your comments. I have always found them very helpful. I use TeleChart RealTime for my main charting software because it allows me to attach so much information to my charts. With my poor memory, it is very helpful to collect useful information about the stocks in your database. Then when I am doing my daily screens or trying to catch a breakout, I have a lot of information immediately accessible for helping to make decisions. Along with Checklist Investor, I can have my own library of expert analysis and insight to assist me in making decisions. This has taken a long time to bring together, but is finally paying off. By cutting and pasting your comments into these two programs, I am forced to read and consider the implications of your teaching and observations (always learning, always learning). Believe it or not, I also find other good sources from other people than yourself 🙂  I really appreciate all the work you put into what you give us. I’m finally beginning to come out of the fog of trading complexities thanks to you and your insights.”
Terry S., 12.7.2005

“It is with some regret that I am canceling the service effective immediately. You are a very hard-working guy and clearly do your best for your clients. I appreciate that and have no regrets for being with you since February 2005.  However, my life is changing at this point so I need to move on.  Thanks again for all your fine work…”
Dan O., 11.22.2005

“Thanks a lot. That change is a real time-saver. I really appreciate your willingness to be so responsive to change.”
Terry S., 11.19.2005

“Just wanted to let you know that I am glad I continued with your service. I have been able to find some great stocks from your watch list. “

Ed Z., 7.28.2005

“The concise eduational tutorials kind of summarize the essence of the classic investment points and could save someone the time, effort and money learning from the books.  The portfolio updates and stock watch list are great!  Tate, I have to admit i don’t think it’s easy to maintain scores of sorted and useful stock data. And certainly i don’t expect that from a simple website run by an individual. Selfinvestors is indeed special.
How do you manage all by yourself ?”
Ting, 7.28.2005

“I really appreciate your comments on action (Buy or Sell) updates. I am learning.  Keep up the good work.”
Dan C., 7.28.2005

“I just got back from a few days vacation and saw your last few emails and was impressed with your findings! I’m hoping to get back into it next week, given the good change of pace of the last two weeks.”
Jason N., 5.26.2005

“Great service.  I love all you have now.  I just need time to use it.”
Ellie G., 5.25.2005

“Thank you so much for your detail explanation.  It seems to have boosted my confidence a lot. You know, sometimes, I think the system you have laid out is so straight forward.  It makes me wonder ??. But, it seems to convince me that it should work.  Actually, I have been doing some paper experiment on you 50 DMA strategy.  In most case,it  works.  If the stock falls below 50 dma 1-2%, I shall take the loss.  And if I am buying around 3-4% above the 50 dma (like you suggest).  My max loss would be around 5% (a little less than canslim 7-8%). The beauty with this approach is,  the 50 dma line seems to draw a very clear line on the sand for an amateur like me.  There seem to be no ifs and buts.”
Daniel C., 3.31.2005

“I value my membership to Selfinvestors.com and if I could continue membership I would. I will certainly recommend it to friends.  Thank you for your attention to this matter. I have successfully canceled my subscription and look forward to the day I can renew it.”
John A., 3.14.2005

“I know you’re busy, but I want to say thanks for your hands-on customer service. I was in a successful practice for 20 years so I place high importance on it.”
Gary M., 3.14.2005

Thanks for sending the update on Tuesday.  I especially appreciated your comment on OMM:  “I don’t see this as a buy opportunity.”  You may recall I bought OMM about two weeks ago, and it dropped 7% that day.  Recently I was up 4.5%; I sold yesterday at “break even.”  It’s down since then. I definitely like the changes to the Stock Watch report–particularly the inclusion of your risk rating, buy/sell strategy & whether or not a
stock is appropriate for those of us who can’t watch the markets during the day.
Bob E., 3.3.2005

“I think you have a great service.  The site has a wealth of valuable information and I am sure you will continually make it better.”
Mike, 3.1.2005

“Thanks for helping me have the best month in several years.”
Terry S., 2.26.2005

“Their biggest weakness relates to their screening for stocks – your strength. Although they do have the Sharing feature, their screener leaves a lot to be desired, while yours is awesome. ”
John A., 2.9.2005

“I really enjoy your newsletter.  I like the portfolio the best.  It shows you’re not afraid to put some skin in the game. I rate myself as an investor as about an upper level beginner.  I appreciate it when you present me with your ideas for good stock picks and I am learning slowly how to pick stocks, but its kind of like the saying: “Give a man a fish and he eats for one day, teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime.”
Randall G., 2.2.2005

“I use the Breakout Tracker – when I have time.  However I am LOVING your stock suggestions and alerts via e mail.  You are really good. Keep them coming.  The only suggestion is that some are already a bit extended when you tell us about them, but I understand it cant be helped.  You are really good!!!”
Ellie G., 2.1.2005

“I just wanted to express my appreciation for the thorough descriptions you provide of businesses in which you trade. Many services merely provide the name and symbol. This case, CRYP, prompted me to write this quick note because I do not like to trade in gaming stocks (personal reasons).  Thanks again, and keep up the excellent work.”
John A., 1.19.2005

I’m beginning to feel like I have a mentor — in you — in this tricky business of investing. Last year was a bust (down about 6%), so I want to be disciplined enough this year to make a nice profit. Since I am no longer a young kid with many years allowed for making lots of mistakes, I want to get my investments to the place where I can retire and not have to worry about my financial future. Even though my wife is concerned about my ability to make money in the market, I know it can be done. As a math major in my undergraduate days, I have a passion for numbers, solving problems, and learning. As a practicing psychologist, I also know how important it is to take responsibility for appropriate decision making and to learn from others with more expertise. When I eventually retire, I can see myself continuing to learn, enjoy and live from my ability to be one of the 3% who can make money in the markets.  Thank for listening and helping.
Terry S., 1.9.05

“I signed up your service last Thursday so my exposure to the tools is limited.  I have been a user of [edited] and switched to your service because of the market analysis, model portfolio and the breakout sections on the web site.  I also didn’t feel the buy candidates were all that great on [edited].  I did some back testing of their recommendations (although it was not overly scientific) and was not satisfied with the results.  The back testing of your model portfolio proved much better results.”
Kurt B., 1.3.2005

Thanks for the update Tate. I will follow along. You have a great website. I’m trying to learn as much as I can about CANSLIM and your site seems to be very user friendly.
Allan B., 12.14.2004

Thanks again for another good stock pick.  I got in IXIA at 12.99 last week after reviewing the chart and information.  I never would have found this one on my own.
David D., 11.23.2004

Just wanted to let you know the service looks great!
Brian R., 11.8.2004

I hope others will benefit as much as I did from your helpful comments. When I joined your site, I was expecting the reports and updates but was not expecting the personal interaction from you. The details you gave me in your answer plus including an annotated chart, I knew you put some time and thought into your answer.  I feel like I’m part of a family instead of just a web site. From some of your comments in other emails, I can tell you care for your members and are interested in how your site is helping your members.  As I mentioned before, it’s the first place I go for reliable information.
Larry C.,  9.16.2004

Thanks so much for your time and helpful instruction. I have always thought the [edited] industry rankings were out of synch with what was happening. The only time I have found them useful was in a raging bull market, but the information at that point was trivial. Up until your email, I have not known about another, more successful alternative. I’m going to begin using your 3-step procedure immediately.
Terry, 9.9.2004

“Thanks for the update.  I was not here when it came in because I have apart-time job from 2 PM to 6 PM CST.  However,  thanks to your BOTracker I had that on a watch list for pastbreakouts and an alert popped up on 9/2 around 9:40 EST.  I watched it gothrough it’s pivot point of 31.12 and waited until it retraced right below it and as it made its 2nd attempt through it, I bought it.  I wasn’t sure itwas going to go and put a stop loss at 31.11… which is still in place.  I’ll give you credit for that one because it was because I had entered yourpivot points into everything on your list right before that day.  I had putan alert on it because I noticed it didn’t have a good follow through the next day and I thought it might be successful the 2nd time around. So, thanks to your list, I caught that one right at the pivot point.  I haveonly bought two right on the pivot point.  It’s usually much higher when Isee them.  I just started putting alerts on them this week.  Thanks,  and keep it coming…. ”
Larry C, 9.8.2004

“Congratulations on your stock reports for the “hot” stocks. The information is so concise and timely that I am going to print the ones that I decide to buy and keep them in a folder to help in tracking them. At first, I wasn’t sure how to print the report since there is no print button, but I found that once the report is highlighted, Ctrl-P does the trick.  Thanks again for a great website.”
Terry S, 9.8.2004

“I love it!  I’m glad you allowed me to get into the depths of your service.  I have been studying CANSLIM since January and think that it is the best method… whenever the market gets its act together.  Your pivot points are right on and that helps make decisions on what to further investigate.  I have been looking at other services and yours is at the top of my list rightnow.  Some others try to stretch the pivot points higher to make one believe one can still get in.  I guess they mean well, but I know experience shines through on your site.  I think I’ll be around here long after the trial ends.”
Larry C, 9.8.2004

“First I want to tell you how much I appreciate all your hard work!  I really feel lucky that I found you and your website.  I have spent a small fortune this year signing up for investment advisory websites and I believe I have found the best –SelfInvestors!  THANK YOU!  I am a big believer in following & modeling successul people like yourself and your expertise shows in the kind of return you’ve produced for the model portfolio.  GREAT JOB!!!  Especially with the kind of year the market has been having.  Not only that, but I want you to know how unique it is that you WANT suggestions from your subscribers!  This has been nonexistent in all the other sites I’ve subscribed to.  kEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!  I want to also thank you for the upgrades you’ve been doing to the site.  I was going to suggest that you identify the hottest stocks out of the watchlist to watch for breakouts, but obviously you’ve already done that! ”
John B, 8.20.2004

“I found your service very good, but I have been laid off from my job and need to save money right now.  I have been a CANSLIM investor for about two years and like this method of investing.  However, I am not proficient enough at picking stocks myself and need a service like SelfInvestors to help with the selection and timing.  I appreciate the hard work you are putting into your web site improving the service all the time.  I plan on using your service in the future after I get back on my feet.  Thanks.”
Vernon K, 6.22.2204

“What a great improvement on the Breakout Watchlist – thanks for letting us sort on each column.”
Terry S, 6.8.2004

“I just logged into your website and it looks amazing.  I was going to print out the tutorial tomorrow and read it and then maybe tomorrow night utilize some of the tools that you access on the website.  I can’t wait to check it out in more detail.  It looks fantastic!”
Donna C., 3.21.2004

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