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Beware of Credit Card Fraud

After 6 years and thousands of dollars of products purchased online on several dozen different websites, I now can join the ranks of credit card fraud victim.  Of course I never thought it would happen to me.  I’m careful with firewalls, anti keystroking software, virus protection …. I don’t have any idea how my credit card info was compromised and I may never know. Eleven charges on my credit card appeared from World Of Warcraft Cdke Velizy Fr, NC Soft and Blizzard-ent*elecupgrd for 27.82, 39.99 or 19.99.  It should be noted that since I have never done business with these companies, they aren’t the crooks. ..but why someone whould steal my CC info and use it to buy online gaming accounts is beyond me!  I just found these charges today so haven’t had time to look into it but do know there are many others out there that have seen the same charges appear on their credit cards in the past couple weeks.  Having to close my account is a headache but I suppose it could have been worse.  Just a heads up!  Always look at your credit card statement, only use one card for internet purchases and NEVER use your debit card.

I’m short on time tonight but will research this a bit more over the weekend and possibly post an update on the situation. 

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