Best Investing Resources

The following list of sites are what I have found to be some of the best free resources for disecting the market.   Feel free to contact with your favorites and I’ll add them here.

Finding the Hottest Industries

  • Probably the best resource around for locating the best performing industries on various time frames (anywhere from 2days to 5 years)
  • Quickly scan the charts of each company from 214 industry groups

  • Top 10 best and worst performing industries, including the top 10 best and worst performing stocks in those groups
  • Track performcance from 1 week to 5 year

  • Very interesting and unique site – ranks current performance and "potential" performance based on fuzzy logic using 54 different criteria
  • Not only ranks industries, but the stocks in those industries as well as the overall market
  • Developed by the guy who invented Bollinger Bands (John Bollinger)

  • Ranks sectors and industries based on 1 day, 5 day or 13 week performance as well as relative strength (to the S&P)
  • Provides number of new highs and new lows in each group (good way to confirm strength)

Fundamental Analysis

Real Time Traders – Earnings Estimates Revisions

  • Tracks analyst earnings estimates revisions for all stocks
  • Buying stock in companies that have upward earnings revisions has been shown to a successful investing strategy

Real Time TradersPositive Pre Announcements

  • List of companies who have revised earnings estimates upward before their earnings date
  • Again, this is very positive for a company’s stock price

Yahoo –  Finance Analyst Estimates (link uses Google (GOOG) as example)(using Google (GOOG) as example)

  • Revenue and earnings estimates for current quarter and year and for the following year
  • Earnings history: see if the company has beat analyst expectations in the past
  • Earnings revision: see if analysts are revising their estimates upward

Morningstar –  Company Snapshot (link uses Google (GOOG) as example)

  • The best site around for fundamental analysis
  • Grades each stock on Growth, Profitability and Financial Health
  • Financial data for the last 10 years

Technical Analysis

  • The best site around for creating and annotating charts with various technical indicators

Insider Activity

MSN Money Insider Trading 

  • Buying by several company insiders could be a sign of good things to come

Real Time Traders Company Buybacks

  • Up to date information on company buybacks
  • Companies who buy back their own stocks feel their stock is undervalued so it’s important to keep an eye on


Morningstar Fund Ownership (again, using Google (GOOG) as an example)

  • Lists the funds with the largest positions in the stock and their performance ranking Institutional Activity (Google (GOOG) as the example here)

  • Offers individual investors a window into the previously closed world of institutional trading.  Before completing large block trades, "big money" traders express their interest by posting "advertising" buy or sell messages, revealing the short -term supply and demand picture for a particular stock


MSN Money Stock Screener

  • A great set of predefined screens are available but you can customize and add your own filters
  • It is the best free stock screener that I’m aware of

MSN Portfolio Manager

  • The best free portfolio manager available.. nothing compares in my opinion

CBS Market Watch Virtual Stock Exchange

  • One of the best "paper trading" free services around letting you trade a virtual portfolio of 1,000,000
  • Allows trades on the Nasdaq, Dow and AMEX with stop and limit orders
  • Create private competitions or join public competitions
  • Just remember: paper trading is not the same as trading with real money – emotions play a big role!

FolioFn – Creating Your Own Mutual Fund

  • For a low monthly fee you get a few hundred commission free trades – they only catch is that they are not instant trades (you can get instant trades but they are pricey at 14.95 per trade)
  • Allows up to 50 securities in a portfolio
  • Great way to create your own diversified portfolio for a low cost

Investing Education

Clearstation Technical Tutorial

  • A nice tutorial covering the technical side (available in interactive, html and pdf format)

Investopedia University

  • Can be separated by beginner, intermediate and advanced

InvestorWords Glossary

  • 6000 financial definitions

SelfInvestors Tutorial

  • A top – down tutorial guiding you through the details of gauging the health of the overall market, to finding the best performing industries/sectors, to locating the best stock plays
  • Highly detailed with specific examples

Stock Market Breaking News

  • Many sites charge for this kind of breaking news
  • Many news alerts on IPO’s, analyst comments, insider trades, economic data and more available as RSS feeds or email alerts
  • I highly recommend it

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