Oil ETF Central Launches!

green_stocks_central_logo_post In 2008 I expanded the offerings of Self Investors LLC to include a portal focused on green energy stocks which is quickly becoming one of the top portals for all your green stocks information.  It includes breaking news, republished content from other authority sites in the green stocks space, tracking, the latest twitter posts, videos and featured content.  I have plans more improvements and features this year!

There isn’t a direct correlation between green stocks and oil prices, but some correlation can’t be denied.  If oil prices continue to rise back above the $100/barrel level or even just stay where they are, then alternative sources of energy become much more attractive and the stocks of companies in wind, solar, electric cars, the smart grid, etc benefit big time.  It’s safe to say that in the coming decades, the prices of commodities will continue to rise as supplies diminish and demand skyrockets.

oil_etf_central For this reason, I have put together another portal for investors called Oil ETF Central which focuses on oil prices and oil ETF’s.  It’s still very much in beta and literally days old, so much work remains, but I think it’s useful enough to present to the public 🙂  Feel free to contact me with suggestions to help make this portal an even better source of information for oil ETFs.  Your feedback is always welcome and much appreciated.

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