Looking Good & Feeling Good is BIG Business

You see it in awful new shows like ‘The Swan’ and ‘Extreme Makeover’. You see it in the booming popularity of Botox injections and its substitutes. You see it in the latest Atkins and South Beach low carb diet craze. People will go to great lengths and spend inordinate amounts to look good and feel good. This is certainly reflected in the rising share prices of the companies that cater to these needs.

Companies like Mannatech (MTEX), Reliv (RELV), Natural Alternatives (NAII), Nutraceutical (NUTR), NBTY Inc. (NTY), USANA Health Science (USNA), & Natures Sunshine (NATR) are experiencing record sales on booming demand for their nutritional supplements for everything from weight loss to athletic performance to women’s health. Companies that sell skin care and beauty aids are also doing very well. Helen of Troy (HELE), Inter Parfums (IPAR), Nu Skin (NUS) and Avon (AVP) are companies to watch in this area.

Cosmetic surgery and non invasive procedures are growing rapidly as well, helped by TV shows like the two mentioned above. Inamed Corporation (IMDC) is sure to benefit from this as a major provider of breast reconstruction, obesity solutions and non invasive surgery (they just got FDA approval for their answer to Botox – Hylaform). Laserscope (LSCP), a company that specializes in laser systems for removal of wrinkles, acne, sun damage, leg viens and hair is growing rapidly as well.

As always, any stocks listed in a post are not buy or sell recommendations, but suggestions for further research by you. Many of the stocks listed above are far extended from a reasonable buy point.

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