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I just read your reports for the 3 stocks you sent me.  You really have
a gift for analyzing stocks. I can’t believe how easily you analyze
them.  I am so jealous.  How long have you been doing this?  I keep
learning and learning.  Going back to my books and looking up patterns,
etc.. I am so happy owning SAFM especially after seeing what you have to
say.  The insider selling was a concern to me and that is why I held out
buying for so long.  I know everyone has different reasons for selling.
I read on the yahoo message board for SAFM that the company plans on
opening a new processing facility in GA.  It should be announced in the
short term.  It is supposed to increase production by 20%.  So once that
is announce publicly it should help the stock even more. 

I hope you are doing well with the site and that you are making money in
the market.  I wish only good things for you.  You deserve them!

My Response:

thanks for the kind words!  I’m relatively young.. haven’t quite reached my
30th birthday!  Since I don’t have a family yet, I’m able to spend more time
learning about the market.  It was during my first job out of college that I
realized I didn’t ever want to work for anyone but myself.  I worked for a
fairly large corporation and wasn’t compensated for the work I put it in.. I
was just a number and wasn’t compensated by performance, but by job title.
So I left.  Went back to school to get certified as a Microsoft engineer
only to have the industry collapse.. definitely a low point in my life.
While all this was going on I was studying the markets whenever I could..
and realized it was the only way I wanted to earn a living.  To be able to
work anywhere in the world is very, very appealing to me!  For the last five
years, I’ve spent several hours a day seven days a week studying charts,
reading books, books and magazines.  I guess you could say I was fascinated
with the way the market works!     I was a math and chemistry major in
college, so have always been into numbers.  I studied psychology a bit too,
so the manipulation of prices based on human emotions seemed right up my
alley.  I haven’t looked back.  Every day I learn something new.. it never
gets old and I enjoy sharing my research with others.  The website is my
outlet.  None of my friends are investors or enjoy this kind of stuff, so I
need a place to get my thoughts out!!!  CANSLIM.net gave me a taste of that,
but I need more of a creative outlet… hence the site.  It’s been an
exciting journey and am looking forward to seeing where it leads.

My advice to you is study as many charts as you can.. you begin to see
certain volume and price patterns.  You probably have an idea now of the
kind of charts I look for.  Low volatility, quiet charts with decreasing
selling volume near major support areas.  If it’s a flat base, all the
better.  To be honest I place more emphasis on the technical side than I do
the fundamentals..probably 60/40 technical or so.  Anyway, I’m done
rambling.  Have a good day. 

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