Upcoming IPO’s – RMG, HOO & IPCM

IPO’s are returning in 08 this week, but just trickling in and there don’t appear to be any "must haves" but there are 3 what appear to be solid IPO’s that begin trading tomorrow – RiskMetrics Group (RMG), Cascal (HOO) & IPC Hospitalist (IPCM).

RiskMetrics (RMG): provides risk management services to banks, corporations, asset managers, and other institutional investors to help them understand and manage their holdings and make better investment decisions. The company operates through two subsidiaries: Riskmetrics Solutions supplies data, analytics, software, and other information services. Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS) provides financial research and analysis to investors and corporations, allowing them to make informed decisions when voting their proxies or making other corporate governance determinations. RiskMetrics Group has some 3,300 clients worldwide.

RiskMetrics IPO Could Be a Bellwether
Wall Street Journal – Jan 21, 2008

How Does RiskMetrics Measure Up?
New York Times Blogs, NY – 11 hours ago

Cascal BV (HOO): provides water and waste water collection and treatment services around the world for populations ranging from 100,000 to 1 million. Cascal offers privatization, concession, build-own-operate-transfer, and maintenance services; most of its business comes through long term contracts. The company has water works in South America, Africa, and Asia as well as the UK. It also owns Pre-Heat, a gas installation and maintenance company in southern England. More than half of Cascal’s revenue comes from its UK operations.

 Utililty IPO: Cascal
Seeking Alpha, NY – Jan 22, 2008

IPC Hospitality (IPCM): provides some 470 hospitalists (physicians, nurses, and physician assistants, who focus on a patients’ care from the beginning to the end of their stay) to more than 300 hospitals and other inpatient facilities. Having a health care provider on-site to answer questions and oversee all of a patient’s treatment programs helps improve the quality of care and reduces the length of a patient’s hospital stay. The company’s hospitalists work in partnership with more than 21,000 physicians and 1,000 health plans in 16 states.

Healthcare IPO: IPCM The Hospitalist Company

20 Jan 2008 by SA Editor Abbi Adest

One thought on “Upcoming IPO’s – RMG, HOO & IPCM”

  1. I bought HOO about 2 months ago (July 2009) based on a review by Stock Gumshoe [ilovestockspam@gmail.com]. He had no particular plus or minus recommendation but I bought some.

    Even while chasing the stock up a few times, I’m still up over 30%. Not bad for two months!

    I’ve got my 20% trailing stop loss order in effect so I can’t be hurt.


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