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Below you’ll find a screenshot of a new tracking feature implemented at SelfInvestors.com in the past couple months.  It’s the IPO Tracker and it’s a dynamic, sortable watchlist of only the best IPO’s that have come to market over the past year.  You can sort by any of the columns in the live system, but the default sort is by Fundamental Rank (or F Rank), so that companies with the best fundamentals always rise to the top (in fact, this is how all of the tracking systems are set up – ie. Breakout Tracker & ETF Tracker). 

At the top you see SSRX and JASO with fundamental ranks of 28/30 which is an outstanding score.  Keep in mind that IPO’s aren’t in any particular order for a fundamental rank.  In other words all of the stocks ranked 28 are in a random order, so SSRX isn’t necessarily considered THE BEST IPO that I  track.  It’s just one of a few of the BEST IPO’s that I track – JA Solar Holdings (JASO), Limco-Piedmont (LIMC) or Wuxi Pharmatech (WX) could just as easily been listed at the very top.  One other things to note is that there may not be data for RS rank or % from 50 and 200 day moving averages because the stock doesn’t have enough of a history yet.

Looking at the table below I can quickly see that from the list of the top 20 IPO’s in this current market, both First Solar (FSLR) and DivX (DIVX) are moving with good volume today.  The % Vol Change From Avg column displays the conviction behind a move in a stock in that the greater the volume behind a move up, the greater the conviction of the move.  This data column measures the difference in current trading volume from the average trading volume at this point in the trading day. 

The DI15 and DI30 columns are proprietary indicators of SelfInvestors.com and they measure the amount of demand behind a stock using price and volume data over 15 and 30 days.  Of course, the higher the score, the  greater the momentum the stock is showing.  In the table below you see that VMWare (VMW) has shown the greatest momentum of them all, followed by WuXi Pharmatech (WX) and Limco-Piedmont (LIMC).  Heely’s (HLYS) and Big Band Networks (BBND) have been showing the least demand as indicated by highly negative DI30 scores.

Get a full view of the IPO Tracker by clicking the image below. 

6 thoughts on “IPO Watchlist – SelfInvestors Top 20”

  1. Nice list – it looks like we REALLY come from the same line of research when reviewing the names. Some excellent growth stocks can be found using the image above!

    Good job!

  2. Thanks Chris, there are some real gems in there eh? A few of the next big winners will undoubtedly come from this list.

  3. isn’t free? just click the image and the entire database is displayed! no, the live database isn’t free – a ton of resources go into providing these services and I’m not going to give them away. An ad supported model may be in the works down the road though..

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