Best IPO’s Trading This Week – Xinyuan Real Estate (XIN), VanceInfo (VIT) & More

1.  Xinyuan Real Estate  (XIN): develops large-scale residential projects in China, which include multiple-building housing communities, high-rise apartment complexes, retail outlets, health and leisure facilities, and schools. Xinyuan’s development sites are primarily acquired through public auctions of government land. In addition to constructing these properties, Xinyuan Real Estate offers property management services. It currently has operations in the Sichuan, Anhui, Shandong, Jiangsu, and Henan provinces, covering more than 770,000 sq. meters Trading set to begin on Wednesday.

2.  VanceInfo Technologies (VIT):  helping companies in China advance through outsourcing. Typically serving clients with operations in China (but headquartered elsewhere) VanceInfo Technologies provides outsourced software development and IT services consisting of research and development, enterprise solutions development, application development and maintenance, quality assurance and testing, as well as globalization and localization services. Customers include companies in industries such as technology, telecommunications, financial services, and manufacturing. Major clients include Citibank, IBM, Microsoft, Motorola, and TIBCO.   Trading set to begin on Wednesday.

3.  CGEN Digital Media Company (ADTV):  helps advertisers get their messages to consumers who not only are ready to buy, but already have gone to the store to do so. The company operates an in-store TV advertising network that spans more than 530 retail locations — including hypermarkets and home improvement centers — in about 65 cities in China. CGEN Digital Media makes most of its money from selling network time to more than 250 advertisers, including global consumer brands Nestlé, Kraft, Crest, Johnson & Johnson, and Asahi Beer. It also earns a portion of its revenues from organizing in-store promotional events for retailers and advertisers. In 2007 the company agreed to be acquired by rival Focus Media.  ** Note:  CGEN was acquired by Focus Media (FMCN) yesterday.

4. ChinaEdu Corp (CEDU):  The Company’s primary business is to provide services to the online degree programs of Chinese universities. Its services for online degree programs include academic program development, technology services, enrollment marketing, student support services and finance operations. ChinaEdu also operates private primary and secondary schools, market and support international post-secondary and English language curriculum programs to established learning institutions, and offer online interactive tutoring services to primary and secondary school students. It has relationships with 11 universities, nine of which are under long-term, exclusive contracts that vary from 15 to 50 years in length. Nine of these universities operate online degree programs.  Began trading today at 10.00/share.

5.  K12 Inc (LRN):  The "virtual public school" company offers online educational programs for children in kindergarten through 12th grade (K-12). Products include full-time online public schools (in about a dozen states), course material and product sales directly to parents, and individualized supplemental programs offered through traditional public schools. K12’s programs are targeted at kids who underperform in public school, aren’t safe in public school, or can’t attend public school because of travel issues, disabilities, or because they are athletes or performers.  Trading set to begin on Friday.

6. (CLAS):  company operates the Mypoints online loyalty marketing service in addition to its popular social networking Web site helps users locate and communicate with acquaintances from school, work, and the military through a network of more than 50 million registered users. The company’s 2.7 million subscribers pay for access to various tools and content. Advertising on the Web site supplements the company’s subscription fees. Classmates Media also provides targeted marketing services for advertisers looking to reach more than 8 million consumers registered in its MyPoints rewards program.  Trading set to begin on Thursday.

7.  Teekay Tankers (TNK):  owns and manages a fleet of nine double-hull Aframax tankers, which it charters to such customers as ConocoPhillips, Eiger Shipping, SABIC, and Skaugen PetroTrans for use in seaborne transportation of crude oil. Teekay Tankers’ fleet has an overall capacity of about two million deadweight tons (DWT). Wholly owned by Teekay Corporation, a large global operator of medium-sized oil tankers, Teekay Tankers generates revenue by selling both voyage charters (single short-term trips at a variable rate) and time charters (often longer-term and generally fixed-rate).  Trading set to begin on Thursday.

8.  MedAssets (MDAS):  MedAssets helps hospitals widen their profit margins — or at least not lose quite as much. The company’s Spend Management segment operates a group purchasing organization that negotiates prices for hospitals and health systems which then get better deals on medical supplies and devices. Its Revenue Cycle Management segment provides software and consulting services that help track and analyze a hospital’s revenue stream. Such services aim to increase collections and reduce account balances. It counts more than 125 health systems as customers, including Christiana Care, Banner Health, and Fletcher Allen.  Trading set to begin Thursday.

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