ETF’s Showing Greatest Demand: iShares Taiwan (EWT) Breaks Out

Tracking ETF’s is a great way to track the flow of big money and spot sector/industry rotation.  It’s said that half the move in a stock is directly related to the health of the industry it’s in, so sticking to stocks in industries where the money is flowing keeps you outperforming!  Of course, you could just trade the ETF for better diversification. 

The following table is a portion of the ETF Tracker, a Self Investors database which tracks only the most liquid ETF’s (currently about 200).  It’s sorted by DI 15 which is a Demand Indicator score over 15 trading days.  It measures the demand in an ETF by using price and volume data. 



Description Current
% From
50 DMA
% From
200 DMA
SMN ProShares Ultra Short Basic Materials Basic Materials Short 2x 38.16 -1.67 12 41 44 -9.49 -18.53
UYG ProShares Ultra Financials Financials Long 2x 31.59 -6.51 141 35 28 -6.92 -35.48
DUG ProShares Ultra Short Oil & Gas Oil & Gas Short 2x 38.55 -3.14 66 34 33 -7.33 -9.89
TAO Claymore China Real Estate China Real Estate 19.15 0.26 -79 26 27 -9.24 -9.24
IIH HLDRS Internet Infrastructure Internet Infrastructure 5.53 -1.25 -84 18 19 1.28 2.98
EFU ProShares Ultra Short MSCI Emerging Markets Short 2x 85.59 -0.09 -46 17 19 -3.66 5.99
ITB IShares Home Construction Home Construction 19.54 -6.73 143 17 17 6.72 -10.9
EWT Ishares Taiwan Taiwan 16.47 -2.43 21 14 20 11.74 6.67
MVV ProShares Ultra Midcap Midcaps Long 2x 64.53 -1.99 4 13 15 -1.63 -21.39
URE ProShares Ultra Real Estate Real Estate Long 2x 33.44 -6.2 28 12 17 7.46 -17.25
XHB SPDR Homebuilders Home Builders 21.55 -5.9 38 11 15 6.84 -5.94
IGM Ishares Technology Technology 51.84 -0.86 -74 11 15 1.55 -8.46
IGW Ishares Semis Semiconductors 51.07 -1.07 194 10 23 0.69 -16.02

Notice that only 2 ETF’s are above both moving averages, the Internet Holders Trust (IIH) and the iShares Taiwan (EWT).  IIH is a bit too illiquid for my taste (trades just under 40K shares a day) but Taiwan looks great and recently broke out on news of victory for the opposition party, the Kuomintang (KMT) which is expected to repair relations with China.  It’s overbought in the short term though and I’d be looking at an entry on a return to the trendline in purple

All the other ETF’s listed are coming off bottoms, but are also a bit overbought in the short term.  I’m really liking the leveraged ProShares Ultra Real Estate ETF (URE) and a pull back to around 30 would offer a decent entry for the long haul.  I just want to see stochastics get more neutral at least and preferably in oversold territory. 

The ETF Tracker is one of  3 great tracking systems that Self Investors provides.  Breakout Stocks and IPO Trackers are also available to Silver, Gold and Platinum members.  See all membership options here.  Your support of my independent research and tools with the purchase of premium memberships is greatly appreciated 🙂

Disclaimer:  I personally own a position in DUG.  None of the ETF’s mentioned above are recommendations to buy.  Please do your own research.

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