ETF Tracker: Greatest Demand – Financials Lead, Healthcare/Biotech, India Showing Life

Below is a portion of the Self Investors ETF Tracker (minus a few of the data columns so I could fit it into the page).  The most important data is the DI15 and DI30 columns which measure the amount of demand over the past 15 and 30 trading days.  I use the ETF Tracker to gauge where in the market the money is flowing and can easily see that with the Demand Indicator scores.

You can see that most of the institutional buying has flowed into the financials and to a lesser degree, healthcare/biotech.  Please note that points are awarded for both high volume moves up as well as light volume moves down (healthy selling), so an ETF may be moving down in price but could have a bullish demand score which could indicate a bottom.

For example, take a look at the iShares Global Energy ETF (IXC).  The fund is down about 30% in the last two months, but clearly the selling has been on light volume as indicated by its positive demand scores.  This might be an ETF I consider for a bounce back play in oil.  There is big support in this at around 40/share. 

Another interesting thing to point out is the quiet emergence of the India funds, particularly the Morgan Stanley India ETF (IIF).  Notice that over the last 15 trading days there has been either big buying, light selling or both.  Taking a look at the chart reveals some big buying going on over the past month.  This could be a long term bottom in India and I’ll be watching the India ETFs carefully for an entry.

Ticker Name DI
% From
50 DMA
% From
200 DMA
UYG ProShares Ultra Financials 108 51 -1.43 -33.29
RKH HLDRS Regional Banks 85 57 8.05 -11.44
TKF Turkish Fund 43 31 3.08 -10.39
PJB PowerShares Dynamic Banking 40 38 7.09 1.07
IXJ Ishares Global Healthcare 35 36 5.06 1.12
XLF SPDR Financial 34 25 1.65 -15.3
URE ProShares Ultra Real Estate 33 8 -4.21 -14.01
BBH HLDRS Biotech 32 32 13.13 17.83
IIF Morgan Stanley India Fund 30 3 6.04 -18.22
PBE PowerShares Biotech/Genome 25 25 9.24 8.87
XHB SPDR Homebuilders 25 14 -0.46 -11.08
ICF Ishares Realty 24 19 0.26 -1.73
IXC IShares S&P Global Energy 20 17 -13.25 -9.09
IAI Ishares Broker Dealers 18 8 -4.01 -21.34
IHF Ishares Health Care Providers 18 20 4.65 -8.94
PXN PowerShares Lux Nanotech 15 11 0.57 -4.7
SMN ProShares Ultra Short Basic Materials 14 31 22.7 0.35
RWR streetTRACKS Wilshire REIT 14 6 0.11 -1.98
IFN India Fund 13 -4 3.93 -15.02
DUG ProShares Ultra Short Oil & Gas 12 26 26.76 6.61


Disclaimer: no positions in the ETF’s above

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