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Today’s ETF Movers: Transportation Derailed

Just one notable move to the upside today in the Ishares Mexico ETF (EWW)  which is up again today 1.01% with volume 47% above the average.

Transportations stocks are getting hammered today and that’s reflected in the Ishares Transorportation ETF (IYT) which is down 2.79% with volume 407% above average.

Energy ETF’s also taking another hit today:

SPDR Energy (XLE)             Down 1.1%, Volume up 54%
HLDRS Oil Services (OIH)    Down 1.19%, Volume up 38%

Today’s ETF Movers

I’ve always liked using ETF’s for tracking money inflows/outflows which can give you a quick heads up on sector rotation.  Using using index charts such as the Philadelphia Indexes are good for tracking price, but don’t give any volume information.  Volume is key because it indicates the conviction behind the move.  ETF’s, which trade like stocks provide this key info.  Over the past several weeks I’ve been developing an ETF tracking system which will be included as part of premium membership at in a couple weeks.  What I’d like to do here each day (or every couple of days) is post the ETF’s making notable moves.  Here are today’s movers:

Moving Up With Volume:

SPDR Consumer Staples (XLP)  Up .61%,    Volume up 161%
Ishares Software (IGV)            UP 1.06%,  Volume up 114%
Ishares Mexico (EWW)            Up 2.59%,  Volume up 129%
Ishares Realty (ICF)                 Up .63%,  Volume up 104%
SPDR Healthcare (XLV)            Up .82%,   Volume up 90%
SPDR Financial (XLF)               Up .53%     Volume up 63%
HLDRS Pharma (PPH)              Up .64%     Volume up 60%

Moving Down With Volume

SPDR Energy (XLE)                 Down .76%, Volume up 143%
Ishares Austria (EWO)             Down 1.04%, Volume up 100%
HLDRS Oil Service (OIH)         Down 1.46%, Volume up 69%
Ishares Malaysia (EWM)           Down .59%, Volume up 43%