Hi, my name is Tate Dwinnell, founder and President of SelfInvestors.com, an investing advisory service that brings integrity, proven methods, proprietary tools and most of all investing success to you, the Self Investor. 

The complete SelfInvestors Breakout Stock , ETF & IPO tracking system is the result of four years and thousands of dollars in high end programming in order to build my dream system from the ground up… exactly the way I wanted it (with input from members of course)… and I’m not done yet.  Just getting started.


Like you, I too am a Self Investor who in the past spent considerable time and money on various services only to come away disappointed.  After focusing my attention on the common characteristics of the most successful investing methods and studying various online advisory services (including working for one – Canslim.net), I began to dream about putting together my own service.  I knew it would be expensive and I knew it would consume my life for a considerable time, but I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

I’ve always been a numbers guy. From the time I was young, math and science seemed to come easier for me than the other subjects. However, I enrolled in college not knowing what I wanted to study or what I wanted to do for a living… and that continued through most of college! It wasn’t until the final couple years in college that I discovered the stock market and became fascinated with the way it operated. It encompassed many of the things I had learned in college .. mathematics, economics, psychology. I read financial magazines and studied the markets by sifting through the internet, but it wasn’t until I picked up an Investors Business Daily for the first time that I became really interested in learning how the market works and how to be a successful investor. By reading IBD and books by William O’neil, the market began to make sense to me and I wanted to learn more. The more I learned, the more I realized that there were two types of investors. Those who follow the advice of brokers and the conventional advice of Wall St. and those that are enjoying amazing success by doing what works. I spent many nights and Sunday afternoons reading about the methods that work. They all have something in common… their contradiction of conventional investing wisdom. As my investing “hobby” evolved, it became clear to me that helping others invest is how I wanted to make a living. However, it was important to me to do so on an independent basis using strategies that worked. I was fortunate to get the chance to work as a researcher for one of the top independent investing advisory services around, CANSLIM.net. I enjoyed following the markets and steering others in the direction of investment success by sharing what I’ve learned over the years. The next step for me was creating a site of my own. I envisioned a site where investors could learn about proven investment strategies and profit on their own or follow my recommendations and learn from the detailed analysis of featured stocks on a day to day basis. In creating the site it was important that it be easy to navigate and void of unnecessary clutter and an over abundance of advertisements screaming buy me, buy me. I hope you enjoy it and look forward to meeting you!

Tate Dwinnell, Founder Self Investors LLC