Gaiam (GAIA) to Spinoff Real Goods Solar (RSOL)

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Late last week, Gaiam Inc (GAIA), the everything "green" retailer announced plans to spinoff its Real Goods Solar unit (to trade under RSOL on the Nasdaq) which installs residential solar energy systems in California, which claims 2/3 or the residential solar market.  If you’re a big believer in the green movement like I am and believe it can provide outstanding returns to your portfolio over the next decade (like I do), then Gaiam (GAIA) is a company to watch and this spinoff may just give the stock an additional pop over the next few months.  Yes, solar isn’t as hot as it was last summer, but a correction was needed and solar is far from dead. 

What I like most about Gaiam (GAIA) is that in addition to its investments in solar, it’s a green retailer pure play and well diversified.  The company sells yoga supplies, wellness instructional media, exercise equipment, eco friendly home and outdoor supplies and is even building a growing community health conscious, green and spiritual individuals.  You have to see this – they even offer a hooded fleece made out of recycled pop bottles. Oh yeah, ..and the company is growing and growing quickly with earnings rising more than 40% last year and expected to rise another 50% here in 2008. With just 2 analysts covering the company right now, GAIA remains relatively off of Wall St radar, but not for long.

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August 18, 2008

Jyoti @ 5:05 am

i m a student writng from india, want to know about the prospects of business of solar goods here. plz reply and if u cud suggest about the people who can be contacted here for the guidance.
i shall be highly obliged