Was Charlie Gasparino Drunk?

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charlie gasparino What a strange exchange between Dylan Ratigan and the always controversial and fiery Charlie Gasparino near the end of the day today.  It appeared that Charlie hit the all you can drink liquid lunch buffet this afternoon before appearing on CNBC.  Dylan was asking about a Merrill Lynch merger but he just mumbled to himself "What have I got. What have I got."

Dylan said "we only have limited time" and Charlie responded with "What I got is shoot for capitalism".

Dylan: "Shoot for capitalism? Huh?"
Charlie: "What I have I got"
Dylan: "Not really sure what just happened there"

In a New York Magazine interview earlier this year they asked "What’s your favorite drink?" Answer: Coffee & Martinis.
They then asked what is your favorite medication and his answer again was coffee and martinis.  Did Charlie wash it down with a coffee martini today?

Here’s the full exchange.. good stuff.  Reminds of a friend of mind of mine when he has too many.

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October 31, 2008

Patrick @ 8:50 am

Hilarious that Charlie Gasparino is, by title, an “on-air editor”. The guy can’t even edit himself, or apparently his thirstiness that Thursday lunch hour.

Chipster @ 10:05 am

Has Charlie shown up at work today? It was very funny. I am hoping for Dylan vs. Charlie part 2!!!!

Joe Smith @ 2:26 pm

He was just on again 5 minutes ago and sounded coherent. (this was 24 hours after the “incident”).
He ended his exchange with “…. and that is what i got for you” and laughed.
I think the whole thing was funny – if this market doesn’t drive you to drink or lose grip with sanity – i don’t know what would…

Tate Dwinnell @ 2:59 pm

agree Joe, CNBC needs a comedy act at the end of each day. Charlie has done a good job of covering things and getting the story.

November 27, 2008

John Palin @ 11:17 pm

I’de love to see Rick Santelli get on the air after he’s downed a couple of drinks. Charlie always seems like he is looking for a fight, and that fat bald guy gets so pissed off when somebody tells him he is wrong. What’s the fat bald guys name?

February 5, 2009

Rusty Shackleford @ 11:45 am

I hate Charlie ….time and time again he proves he is a D-Bag

February 26, 2009

Mat @ 8:17 pm

The fat bald guy is Steve Liesman I believe.

April 21, 2009

howard banks @ 12:34 pm

where is charlie now….have not seen him recently?