Lindsay Lohan Suing Etrade (ETFC) Over Milkaholic Commercial

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A brief reprieve from regular programming to bring you this entertaining story out of fantasy land.. I mean Hollywood.   Lindsay Lohan, clearly confused and out of touch with reality OR “just following the advice of a greedy lawyer”, is actually filing a lawsuit against Etrade (ETFC) because she feels that the Etrade Milkaholic ad is referencing her when they use the name Lindsay.  No joke.

The ad debuted during the Superbowl and features the baby boy apologizing to his girlfirend for not calling her.   She accuses him of having that “milkaholic Lindsay” over.  The lawsuit claims that many celebrities are known by their first name (ie Madonna, Cher) and that Etrade is knowingly trying to profit from the name Lindsay which everyone assumes is Lindsay Lohan. 

She’s suing for $100 million and removal of the ad.  The Grey Group, which produced the ad, is saying it’s just a popular name and is the name of someone on their team.  As  for Etrade, they are basking in the glow of free media attention which this is sure to generate.  Well done.

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March 23, 2010

shay @ 11:00 am

lynseys redic shes making an excuse possible to get tha money cause she thinks everyones out to get her .. she neeeeeeeds help… stop taking drugs!

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