Jon Stewart Takes On Cramer, Santelli & Rest of CNBC

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Last night Jon Stewart took on CNBC, particularly Jim Cramer and Rick Santelli.  Stewart highlights several clips of Cramer recommending buying stocks at the top of the market in late 07 and early 08, including a call that Bear Stearns was fine.  The beginning of the rant was aimed at Santelli for canceling an appearance (er, bailing out) on the show. 

I tried to embed the video, but their code is a mess so here’s the link to the video

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March 11, 2009

gloombergnews @ 1:45 pm

Stewart/Colbert/Cramer Nation,


Here is a Promo Poster/Image I made for Thursday’s showdown! Hopefully Cramer or Stewart will see this and use it on Wednesday to promote the show!

March 12, 2009

Mehran @ 12:45 am

Cramer and the whole slew of them on CNBC are crooks. If you don’t believe Cramer is a scum, watch him talk about how he manipulates the market. Put the scum in jail.

March 13, 2009

Baumgardner @ 3:37 am

I’ve never seen a journalist hold someone’s feet to the fire as skillfully as Jon Stewart did with Jim Cramer. It’s past time that the media return to the position of activly seeking the truth rather than whoreing themselves out to the highest bidding agenda. Thank you Jon Stewart, Thank You!

Anyone Wcommonsense @ 9:32 am

Ditto Baumgardner. Thanks Baum, you saved me some typing. And thanks again John. I love you, man.

Tate Dwinnell @ 5:04 pm

wow, I just watched this. Stewart really hammered him with that market manipulation stuff. I don’t see how CNBC can continue their relationship with Cramer and not lose whatever credibility they have left

March 16, 2009

Gordon Carson @ 6:38 pm

I can’t believe that someone doesn’t have people one hell of a lot more responsible than Cramer & the jerks at CNBC
with their feet to the fire.How many people in a company are buying up bad debt by the wheel barrow full can carry on without impunity and not ever be questioned?How many of these people were sitting on the boards of of the commissions that were responsible for the very security they have violated.How many more Madoff’s are there? I wonder if any of the victims will ever see a dime seized and returned?Man it just makes me sick!Is Stewart going to see these people get justice? no- but that’s about ratings isn’t it!