Tracking the Break Outs and Making the Purchase

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Every once in awhile I get a request to send out alerts sooner so that members don’t miss the break out or get in at a better price.  When a high quality stock breaks out often times I will purchase in the Model Portfolio, which you will be alerted to within minutes.  Sometimes, by the time the mail gets to you, the stock has run up a few percent.  If you missed the ideal buy point and you see that the stock has run up 5% in 10 minutes, do not chase it.  It will come in and digest that gain.  HWCC has run up more than 4% in the last hour.   Rather than chase it, wait for your price.  It’s most likely going to digest that gain and test 26.50 or even lower.  If it doesn’t, forget about it – maybe it pulls back tomorrow and offers you the better price. .. or maybe it never does.  So what.  There are many other opportunities. 

With that said, how can you stay on top of these break outs yourself?  The first thing I would do is head on over to the email alerts section of the members area and set yourself up to receive the premarket report of top break out plays every morning before the market opens.  I would sign up for report #3 which gives you the top 20 stocks near a break out or in a buyable range (within 5% of the pivot).  Just add an email address and click activate.  It takes a couple seconds and you’re set up to receive the best opportunites the market has to offer every morning to your inbox.   Additionaly, you can set yourself up to receive an alert when the break out happens based on various parameters (there is a detailed tutorial there to help you)  Keep in mind though that prices updates in the database are delayed 15 minutes, so you may miss the fast movers (but I’ve found very few stocks actually run way up in that first 15 minutes and never offer a decent buy point).  If you’re using real time alerts this is more of a safety measure because you don’t need to set the alerts, it’s all automated for you.

What I would do is go to the Breakout Center, then click Breakout Watch and go to the bottom of the table and select download tickers to a text file, then import into a watchlist in your real time charting package, then set your alerts for each stock.  This might take 20 minutes and your done.  You can go about  your business and set alerts to go to your email, cell phone or buzz your desktop.  There are many packages but I use TCNet.  This is the platform I’ll be using for the real time platinum service which will be launched very soon.  During the trading day you’ll be able to join me to discuss the trade set ups during the day or general investing questions.  We’ll discuss the finer points of chart reading, particularly on a real time, intraday basis as well as purchase and sell points.

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