Cramer Has a Credibility Problem

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I’ve avoided Jim Cramer bashing here on this blog because he gets it from all sides elsewhere but I wanted to post this video from Don Harrold.  Don is a colorful guy and he puts together some great videos that I’ve enjoyed watching over the past several months.  In this video he once again highlights Jim Cramer’s flip flopping recommendation on how to play the market.  I personally don’t have a problem with Jim making a bad call.  When you make that many calls and all eyes are on you, you’re going to have some big misses.  That’s fine, we all make bad calls.  What I do have a problem with is, as Don points out so well, is the constant change of viewpoints.  When the market is rallying and at all time highs he continued to pound the table to buy stocks rather than urging some caution.  Understand Jim you have lots of new investors hanging on your every word.  Be responsible.  Then don’t completely reverse your recommendation after a market selloff.  You’ve lost any credibility you had left.


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