IPO Watch List: Top 9 IPO’s to Consider Right Now

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The following IPO’s combine both superior fundamentals and bullish trading action and are in a buyable range or close to it.  Many recent IPO’s are often off the radar of Wall St and the general public (with the exception of a few high profile ones such as Blackstone (BX) and Interactive Brokers (IBKR)), which can sometimes lead to explosive profits.  What I look for is a breakout  from the first area of consolidation or base to initiate an initial position.  Keep in mind that a few of the IPO’s below (such as FCSX) have already broken out but may pull back to a buyable range (near the breakout or pivot point).

FC Stone Group FCSX IPO chart

FCStone Group, Inc. (FCStone) is an integrated commodity risk management company providing risk management consulting and transaction execution services to commercial commodity intermediaries, end-users and producers. It assists primarily middle market customers. In addition, to its risk management consulting services, FCStone operates an independent clearing and execution platforms for exchange-traded futures and options contracts.  FCStone operates in four segments: commodity and risk management services (C&RM), clearing and execution services, financial services and grain merchandising.

The stock broke out in the middle of June with good volume and is in the process of returning to that point and may provide another opportunity to initiate a position.


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InnerWorkings INWK IPO chart

InnerWorkings, Inc. is a provider of print procurement solutions to corporate clients in the United States. The Company creates bid process to procure, purchase and deliver printed products as part of an outsourced enterprise solution and in individual transactions. Its applications and database, PPM4, creates an integrated solution that stores, analyzes and tracks the production capabilities of its supplier network, as well as quote and price data for each bid the Company receives and print job it executes. Through its network of over 5,000 suppliers, the Company offers a range of print, fulfillment and logistics services. InnerWorkings, Inc. procures printed products for clients across a range of industries, such as advertising, consumer products, publishing and retail.

The stock broke out of a fairly sloppy double bottom base in early June and is now digesting gains after a more than 30% run in just a few weeks.  I’d want to see it spend a few more weeks consolidating and/or drop to around 15 to initiate a position. 

Empresa Distribuidora EDN ipo chart

Empresa Distribuidora y Comercializadora Norte S.A. (Edenor) is the largest electricity distribution company in Argentina in terms of number of customers and electricity sold (both in GWh and Pesos).  Through a concession, Edenor distributes electricity exclusively to the northwestern zone of the greater Buenos Aires metropolitan area and the northern part of the city of Buenos Aires, which has a population of approximately 7 million people and an area of 4,637 sq. km.

The stock broke out of a short flat base before taking off to a nearly 20% gain.  It’s now in the process of retracing that move and may offer a good reentry point.  I’m looking for an entry in the 18.75 – 19.75 area.  I think this one has the potential for tremendous gains over the next few years.

eTelecare Global Solutions ETEL ipo chart

eTelecare Global Solutions, Inc. (Telecare) is a provider of business process outsourcing (BPO) services focusing on the voice-based segment of customer care services delivered from both onshore and offshore locations. eTelecare provides a range of services, including technical support, financial advisory services, warranty support, customer service, sales, customer retention, and marketing surveys and research. Its services are delivered from four delivery centers in the Philippines and seven delivery centers in the United States.

Fairly simple here.. I’m just looking for a breakout from this base above 17 with some volume behind it.

Warner Chilcott WCRX ipo chart

Warner Chilcott Limited (Warner Chilcott) is a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on segments of the United States pharmaceutical market, womenGÇÖs healthcare and dermatology.

The stock first broke out at the beginning of April, which offered an initial opportunity to get in.  Since then, it’s been trending nicely along the 50 day moving average and recently broke out of short consolidation.  I think it offers a good entry here, but the closer to the 50 day moving average, the better.

Opnext OPXT ipo chart

Opnext, Inc. is a designer and manufacturer of optical modules and components, which enable high-speed telecommunications and data communications networks globally.

After a long downtrend, the stock is beginning to turn the corner with a recent surge above resistance of the downward trend and the 50 day moving average.  I’m looking for an entry on a high volume break from this short consolidation area.

Mellanox Technologies MLNX ipo chart

Mellanox Technologies, Ltd. is a supplier of semiconductor-based interconnect products that facilitate data transmission between servers, communications infrastructure equipment and storage systems. The Company’s products is a part of a total solution focused on computing, storage and communication applications used in enterprise data centers, computing and embedded systems.

The stock is working on a big cup base (albeit a bit of steep one) and is carving out a handle formation.  I’m looking for a breakout from this consolidation with volume as an opportunity to initiate a position.

Thermage THRM ipo chart

Thermage, Inc. designs, develops, manufactures and markets medical devices for the non-invasive treatment of wrinkles. The Company’s Thermage procedure can be performed on any part of the body where treatment of wrinkles is desired. Its ThermaCool system uses monopolar radiofrequency (RF) energy to heat and shrink collagen and tighten dermis and subcutaneous tissue while simultaneously cooling and protecting the surface of the skin. The heating and shrinking of the collagen can cause a healing process to begin, which may further tighten the skin and reduce wrinkles over the next 2 to 6 months. The Thermage procedure is normally performed in a medical office setting as a single treatment that takes from 20 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the treatment area.

I’ve written before about how stocks offer multiple entry points and THRM illustrates this well.  A break from the first consolidation above the 50 day moving average is entry point 1.  A break above the middle peak of what could be described as a lopsided double bottom would provide a 2nd entry and of course a break to a new all time high would indicate entry 3.  A fast growing company in a hot industry.. certainly one to watch closely.

Aecom Technology ACM ipo chart

AECOM Technology Corporation (AECOM) is a global provider of professional technical and management support services to government and commercial clients on all seven continents. AECOM provides planning, consulting, architectural and engineering design, and program and construction management services for a range of projects, including highways, airports, bridges, mass transit systems, government and commercial buildings and water and wastewater facilities.

The stock broke from a short consolidation in June and is retracing that move.  I’m looking for a retest of what is shaping up as short term support around 23.50 as an opportunity to initiate a small position.


Disclaimer: I currently own a position in FC Stone Group (FCSX)

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June 29, 2007

Chris @ 10:29 am

Nice IPO list and charts. FCSX is one that I am also following heavily. What are your thoughs about Blackstone (BX). I just did a small post that compares the recent slide in BX versus GOOG from a few years ago. I understand they are different but it is interesting.
Have a great weekend! – Chris

Tate Dwinnell @ 11:00 am

thanks Chris – yeah FCSX looks like a big winner to me, I’d just like to see it consolidate a more so I can add shares. I actually got in just above 48 when it cleared what could be called a short handle formation I suppose. Holding off on adding more for now. BX is intereesting. I’d almost compare it more to what IBKR did in that the stock sold off right out of the chute after way too much hype. I was looking for a significant snap back rally in IBKR to trade that never really materialized but maybe we get in BX. With the volume dry up like you mentioned, it could rally next week possibly to around 33 or so. We’ll see.. but longer I don’t think it’s going anywhere over the next several months. Have a good weekend too!

July 5, 2007

anh @ 2:54 pm

Hi, i am new to this whole ipo business. Where would be a good place to learn more about; or list of upcoming IPO to look out for?

Thanks, Anh

July 6, 2007

Tate Dwinnell @ 9:21 am

Hi Anh, MSN has a good IPO Center at http://moneycentral.msn.com/investor/market/ipomain.asp as does Yahoo at http://biz.yahoo.com/ipo/.

For IPO tracking I have put together the IPO Tracker here at SelfInvestors which is a dynamic, sortable watchlist of about 200 of the very best IPO’s of the past year and a half. It includes the earnings dates, a proprietary demand indicator, RS rating, the fundamental rank, etc. This tracker is currently provided in the gold membership http://selfinvestors.com/tradingstocks/memberships/

Tate Dwinnell @ 9:23 am

Here’s a good background page on IPO’s:

August 3, 2009

Ofelia Norada @ 8:33 pm

Hi! I’m investing in the Philippines before for IPO business.But I don’t know if is the same thing . Where would be a good place to learn more about; or list of upcoming IPO to look out for? I’m so interested.

Thank you,


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