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I’ve been wanting to play around with video for a looonnnnggg time.  Well, this is my first foray into a video presentation and I gotta say.. i’ve got some work to do.  BUT, I’m excited about using video more extensively not only for highlighting my tracking systems but discussing the market and specific stocks.  One thing is for sure – they will get better as time goes on. 

Anyway, the first video presentation is of the IPO Tracker, a system I developed a few months ago to keep tabs on the best IPO’s every trading day.  After recording this I realized I forgot to demonstrate the sortable columns and the notes sections, but hey it’s late and I’m too tired to do another one. 

Note:  I did record this at full size so you will need a hi res "17 or larger monitor to view the video.  Just click on the image below and the video will load.

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