IPO Lockup Dates (June 5 – 8)

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The IPO lockup period is a legally binding contract between the underwriters and the company undergoing the initial public offering that probits company insiders from selling their shares.  The expiration of the lockup period can be very important because it can result in downward pressure share price as insiders cash out a portion of or all of their position.

The following is a list of companies with expiring IPO lockup periods for the coming week:

Note: An * indicates those tracked by SelfInvestors in the new IPO Tracker database.. a database of only the best IPO’s coming to market.

6/5/2007: Aegean Marine Petroleum Network (ANW) *, Allegiant Travel Company (ALGT) *, Heely’s (HLYS) *

6/6/2007: Sourcefire (FIRE) *

6/8/2007: Fortress Investment Group (FIG) *

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