Thirsty For Profits? Go Get Some Water – Powershares Water Resources ETF (PHO)

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With World Water Week in Stockholm, Sweden upon us, it’s no wonder there are many news stories cropping up detailing the looming water crisis around the world.

It was reported in a recent Reuters news story that a third of the world is facing water shortages because of poor management of water resources  and soaring usage driven mainly by agriculture.

Said Frank Rijsberman, the Director of the International Water Management Institute, “Without improvements in water productivity … the consequences of this will be even more widespread water scarcity and rapidly increasing water prices.” He went on to say, “The water is there, the rainfall is there, but the infrastructure isn’t there.”

The BBC reports that the world’s supply of fresh water is running out.  Already, one in five people have no access to safe drinking water…..

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December 24, 2007

Mahmood @ 5:47 pm

The most valuable element in this world is soft drinking water and amazingly its free yet. Now coming events are casting their shadows and a virtual war on water has begin around the world. I think its the right time to invest in this industry as the profits seems to be gorgeous in near future. One of the example you can find here

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