Losses Mount, Stock Rises in Fannie Mae (FNM) & Toll Brothers (TOL)

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 I’m going to begin doing something a bit different for the earnings posts and instead of just highlighting the Self Investors Leading stocks that are moving with volume, I’m going to highlight companies that beat estimates and guided higher (or just beat by a wide margin) and companies that missed estimates and guided lower (or just missed by a wide margin).  Companies that are Self Investors Leading Stocks (ie. great fundamentals and above 200 day moving average) will be marked with (SLS) and will include the Self Investors fundamental rank in brackets.  It’s a score out of 30 and includes earnings/sales growth, ROE, profit margins, management ownership and debt levels.

Beat Estimates and Guided Higher Or Beat By Wide Margin

• LKQ Corp (LKQX) Auto Parts Wholesale, fundamental rank [26/30],  up 19%, carving out right side of new base (SLS)

• Interstate Hotels & Resorts (IHR) Lodging,  up 14%, breaking a deep, long downtrend

• Papa John’s Pizza (PZZA) Restaurants, up 11%, trying to begin carving out a new big base, has wheat and cheese inflation been priced in already?  It appears so!

• Warnaco Group (WRNC) Apparel – Clothing, up 9%, a new base begins

• Clean Harbors (CLHB) Waste Managements, up 9%, breaking out to all time highs today

• Masimo (MASI) Medical Appliances & Equipment, up 6%, look like the beginnings of a new base

• Dreamworks (DWA) Movie Production, up 4%, emerging from steep correction

• Stone Energy (SGY) Independent Oil & Gas, up 3%, adding to gains from recent breakout

• Herbal Life (HLF) Drugs Wholesale, fundamental rank [25], up 2%, still working on right side of a base (SLS)

• Sina.com (SINA) Internet Info Provider, down 4%, still below resistance of moving averages, trying to find a bottom

Missed Estimates & Guided Lower or Missed by Wide Margin

• Carters (CRI) Apparel – Clothing, down 23%, on its way to support around 15 at the very least

• Dycom Industries (DY) Heavy Construction, down 13%, this one died long before missing estimates on earnings

• Dresser Rand (DRC) Diversified Machinery, down 5%, still confined within a downtrend and actually looking like a decent short

• Toll Brothers (TOL)  Residential Construction, up 4%, missed estimates but rises anyway.. yet another signal of bottoming action

• Fannie Mae (FNM)  Mortgage Investment, up 3%, missed by wide margin with big losses mounting, yet the stock rises – you guessed it.. most of the bad news has already been built in.

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